Discovering the Power of Being Woman

With September 2019, Emerald Counseling restarts with the workshops under the title "Discovering the Power of Being Woman" in collaboration with Viviana Essenya, renowned family / soul (animology) / psycho-quantitative counselor with an imaginal approach.
A series of workshops that will help you get back in touch with yourself, your inner self, and find out who you are and what you really want in life. We will explore the different roles played by women by also using the archetypes to identify what it really means to be a Woman nowadays; let it be a Mother, a Wife, a Woman in Career, a Housewife or a young woman still discovering herself. These workshops will help you to reconnect with your femininity and be able to freely express it without feeling hindered or judged for it. 

Every woman, as also every man, has in itself a male part (active part) and a female part (receptive part) that when unbalanced can create discomfort. There can be infinite personal situations that lead a person to have to behave in a way that goes beyond their own self, despite the due reason / need for that behavior, it still cannot make you happy, on the contrary it often remains as a sense of injustice / disappointment / anger because maybe we wanted to react differently but don't succeed. What we lack are the right tools to use when we are called to act, for whatever reason; find a job, respond to your children, make decisions with your partner / husband, decide what to study - what to do with your life, what to spend money on, how to react in a situation of hardship, how to get out of a state of profound sadness that like a veil descended on you and makes you feel paralyzed, unable to react.
Discovering the Power of Being Woman will help you to recognize the tools you have always had in you as a woman, to be able to approach life in a balanced, gentle and at the same time assertive way when the situation requires it, but never again having to act in a way that does not define you as a person, as who you’ve always been but could not be for reasons of fear, insecurities, false beliefs, ... what eventually took you away from yourself. 

Give Yourself back to You - and invite joy to color every aspect of your life!


The workshops:

22 September: Getting to know our inner self – how to activate our potential!
  • What does it mean to feel?
  • How do we feel our inner self.
  • How do we activate our potential.
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Exercise to discover our purpose in life.
  • Techniques to get in touch with one's soul - to activate the feeling - to recognize if we are on the right path for us.

6 October: Fairy tales and archetypes - how to recognize them and how to work with them.
  • The archetypes of our inner feminine and masculine.
  • How they work and how to recognize the masks of the archetypes we wear every day.
  • How to work with archetypes and how to defuse them when they hinder us.
  • Fairy tales - stories of archetypes.
  • The old wisdoms transmitted through fairy tales that reflect our life patterns.
  • The technique of writing our story - an autobiographical narrative that uses a metaphorical language to tell about our self - how our inner self tells us where we are in our lives.



About the speaker Viviana Essenya: 


Viviana is a Psycho-Spiritual Consultant, Facilitator in Psychogenealogy, Family Constellations with Imaginal Approach (registered in the AISCON register) and Constellations of Being and the Soul Making with Animological method.
Viviana collaborates in particular with professionals who work in the field of traditional and non-traditional medicine (in Italy and abroad) to help them probe "other" aspects that emerge in the exercise of their profession and which are outside the canonical academic programs, thus favoring the openness to an integrated approach between the different disciplines.
She holds training courses for doctors, professional nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists, to promote an integrated vision to the psychospiritual and animological one in the various planes of existence and collaborates with constellators, yoga teachers, ayurvedics and shiatsu operators, veterinarians, homeopathic doctors and anthroposophists.
As a woman and mother she has collaborated with midwives who have helped spread the awareness of active childbirth present for many decades, especially in Northern Europe, and ancient techniques of Ayurvedic massage for children. Thanks to them she has studied the important themes of maternity and physical paternity and conscious psycho-spiritual.
Viviana helps parents, grandparents, educators and teachers of various types and levels to better understand the nature of the gifted children (nowadays so recognized according to recent studies by the University of Pavia, as children other than under gifted and overly gifted). She founded the Associazione Bimbi Nuovi Nuovi Adulti aimed at improving the quality of intergenerational relationships on the basis of a conscious and fruitful common evolution and has designed the educational method Essenya European Education & Evolution® (EEE & E®). She is also the custodian of the Mantra Madre® for Northern Eastern Italy.
Viviana was formed, in Italy and abroad, with the Voice Dialogue method by Hal and Sidra Stone, the School of the Healing Wisdom by Ron Young (a pupil, among others, by Daskalos, Hilda Charlton and Bert Hellinger), A. Jodorowsky (Psycho-genealogy and Psychomagy) and Panayiota Theotoky-Atteshlis, daughter of the well-known Greek Cypriot healer and philosopher Stylianos Atteshlis, known as Daskalos. Thanks to all of them she has developed a vision of the Presence of transverse wisdom inherent in all traditions.


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