Emerald Counseling will organize various workshops throughout the year that will focus on various aspects of our personal inner growth. Considering that most physical ailments derive from unhealthy relationships with ourselves and the outside world, we have assembled some workshops that will aim at ameliorating said relationships and thus result in a healthier life for the individuals. 
Upcoming Workshop - with reknown key speaker - Viviana Essenya:
- The workshop will be held in Italian. 


Other Workshops with Viviana Essenya - dates TBD:

  • School of the Soul - Constellations of the Soul, the Soul untied from an abstract religious or philosophical concept, methods to get to know your Soul, specific skills of the Soul with respect to the Spirit and the Personality, interaction of the Soul in the Information Fields, influence of the Soul on the physical body, influences and interferences - usefulness and uselessness of the memories of the Soul in everyday life, non-punitive karma -  Self Soul healing, from feeling Dis-animated to Re-animated, from living life to feeling alive in living life.
  • From LOVE to LOVING - how to bring peace between Man and Woman, resolution of relational conflicts, the true meaning of Unconditional Love and how it is misinterpreted, new Parenting relationships - the Love for our children
  • School of Dream Interpretation - beyond the prejudices about the power of dreams and intuition, distinction between the various types of dreams and their goals, autonomous reading of one's "inner mail", utility of the power of dreams in favor of practical life, the art of Dreaming and Astral journey from the psycho-spiritual point of view


Exclusive Workshops on Demand

We happily offer exclusive workshops for smaller groups upon request. 


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