About us

Lien and Angelika have founded Emerald Counseling to spread their passion, knowledge and experience in Coaching and Counseling. Despite the differences of the two approaches, they have designed a support program where both methods co-exist and adjust to every individual in a safe and efficient manner. Both of them believe that helping to improve a person's well being is a creative process, which should be accompanied by fulfilment, gratitude and joy!

Angelika Khon

Life Coach

My passion for coaching has began since I was a child but I only realized that later on in my life...

Receiving a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and then completing my first Master in Management were quite joyful experiences, thus diving into the second Master Degree in Financial Communication felt very natural. Working in the financial area in between my studies further encouraged my strategic thinking but the urge to help people transform their challenges into victories was speaking to me louder than anything else!

Why Life Coaching? For me Life Coaching is a Lifestyle - Live and Love what you “preach”!

The ability to take the right actions towards your dreams is one of the core reasons that made me choose Life Coaching as a profession.

I strongly believe that actions are an inevitable part of success, but most of the people get sabotaged when it’s time to act. So, let’s set your goals together, find genuine motivation, become truly committed to your daily tasks, take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfill your life purpose!

Thank you for your trust!

Lien Simcic

Animological Immaginal Holistic Counselor

After working for more than 6 years as a Project Manager dealing with the organization of events, marketing campaigns and Public Relations mainly for the reknown Esimit Europa project (www.esimit.com) working personally with international companies such as BMW and Gazprom, the thing that always fascinated me the most were relationships; between human resources and how to improve the work environment for employees as well as for employers, I have always been passionate about helping people improve their lives. It was then that I decided to take another path in my life by graduating as an Animological Imaginal Holistic Counselor.

As a Counselor, it brings me great joy being able to help people find their balance in life by reconnecting with their inner self, which will then enable them to realise their dreams.

Animological (studies of the soul) - takes into account the interiority of a person that in its own way influences his or her life. By identifying from which part of the inner self certain conflicts or traumas that cause discomfort in everyday life derive from, we can work to dissolve them, diminishing their power and thus rebalancing ourselves towards a well-being.

Imaginal - to be able to perceive and understand the language of our interiority and of the subtle world that surrounds us, which communicate with us through images, telling us about the lives we are living.

Holistic - seeing the person as part of a complex where everything is interconnected. Holistic counselling "helps the person to help themselves" by recognizing the challenges of life as an opportunity for inner growth, learning how to no longer repeat the mistakes of the past, activating a new way of doing that leads to a more harmonic life.

Thank you for your trust!


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