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About us

Lien Simcic and Angelika Khon have founded Emerald Counseling to spread their passion, knowledge and experience in Life Coaching and Counseling. Both of them believe that helping to improve a person's well being is a creative process, which should be accompanied by fulfilment, gratitude and joy! At the moment only Lien is available for individual sessions.

Lien Simcic

Holistic Counselor with Imaginal approach and Soulology method

In 2008 I started my inner and intellectual journey to refine my knowledge and skills in order to help others to find their happiness and feel free to live the life they want.

In 2012 I started my path with Viviana Essenya (well known Counselor and Psychospiritual Trainer, Facilitator in Psychogenealogy, Family Constellations with Imaginal Approach and Constellations of Being and Doing Soul with the Soulology Method) and later also with Marialuigia Bove (Counselor and Imaginal Constellator, Certified Coach in Omega Healing and Oracle Christallin with integration of EFT and Forest Therapy Guide) with whom I graduated as a Holistic Counselor with a specialization in the functions of the Soul using the Imaginal approach (registered in AISCON S0000531, Italian-Swiss Association of Counseling).

As a Holistic Counselor I specialize in various techniques that can help you uncover your life purpose and embark on the path that will enable you to reconnect with it. Taking into consideration all the aspects that define our individualities, we will explore together what inner balance really is, work to liberate you from the conditionings that limit you from living a more fulfilling and happy life, and take care of the dynamics that define your relationships.

Life is about becoming aware of our potential, learning to live it, and being aware of who we are and what we need to feel good.

Lien Simcic, Simčič, Life coaching, counseling, life purpose, happiness
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