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"By merging Life Coaching with Holistic Counseling we have created a new methodology that will help you find the answers to your life questions, discover your truth and reach your goals. Through our Life Coaching & Counseling we can help you liberate yourself from the conditionings that are not allowing you to live a fuller and happier life. We believe that every individual has their own formula to reach Success and Happiness, which can be designed by uncovering their Life Purpose."

Lien and Angelika

Through Life Coaching & Counseling we offer:

Life Purpose package


In only 2 sessions we will help you uncover your Life Purpose through a very specific Counseling approach. You will receive your Life purpose written down in a very detailed report - a doorway to enter into a more fulfilling life.

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Individual Success Program


A package of 6 sessions of Life Coaching & Counseling during which we will help you to uncover your Life Purpose + design your formula to reach your Success and Happiness + Guidance on how to deal with your fears and obstacles that may detain you from your true path.

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Individual Sessions


Individual sessions of Life Coaching & Counseling. You are not interested in the packages but would rather work on specific topic of interest like:

  • relationship issues

  • improving emotional well-being

  • figuring out how to manage a challenging situation

  • boosting self-confidence

  • setting and achieving specific goals

  • how to develop self-management skills

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Let's beautifully co-create Your Life

How does Life Coaching & Counseling work?

Step 1

Feel free to contact us to:

  • Explain your reasons for being interested in Life Coaching & Counseling

  • Explore who we are and how we work

  • Ensure that we are “compatible” for working together

Step 2

Your Choice:

  • Life Purpose package

  • Individual Success Program (ISP)

  • Individual Sessions

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Life Coaching

Let’s set your goals together, find genuine motivation, become truly committed to your daily tasks, take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfill your life purpose!

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Let's discover your life purpose and what is keeping you from fulfilling it, by addressing your blocks and fears and learning to deal with the hurtful events that have harmed you.

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