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Individual Sessions of Life Coaching & Communication

Hack your “Authentic Code”



Who are you? How can you combine your strengths, talents and values in a unique way? What are your hidden desires? What is your self-positioning? By answering those questions, you will be able to achieve your personal and professional goals faster and consequently be happier.

“ Every person has the potential to shine brightly, my job is to ignite that spark!”

Angelika Khon

Reinforce your Confidence


Confidence is never static. Depending on life’s circumstances and experiences, we tend to fall into different “dimensions” of confidence. We start encouraging the sphere of your life that currently requires most inspiration and action.

Upgrade your Verbal & Visual Communication


What you wear, what you say and how you carry yourself matters! Every communication has either a clear or a hidden message. So, lets dig deep into your personality and make sure it correlates with your newly discovered communication style, through your attire, behaviour, emotional expression and verbalisation.

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