If you would like to have an individual session of Life Coaching & Counseling to work on a specific topic of interest without committing to more than one session at a time but still followed by two professionals, Angelika (Life Coach) and Lien (Holistic Counselor) then you're on the right page.

By using our Life Coaching & Counseling approach we can help you to:

Identify your goals and vision:

Can you envision your desired life? Have you started to approach your goals already?

Discover your path to Happiness and Success:

Do you know what makes you truly happy and how to reach it? What does being “successful” truly mean to you?

Maximize your potential:

Are you aware of your own talents? If yes, how do you realize them on everyday basis?

Create an action plan:

Can you call yourself a person of action? Or you keep on postponing your desired life?

Unlock the plateau state:

Do you feel that you are not moving forward and keep on sensing a “block”?

Understand where you are now and where you want to be:

What is it that you want to accomplish? What does your life look like after you have accomplished your objectives?

Develop self-awareness:

Do you observe your thoughts, emotions, words and behavior?

Boost Self-Confidence:

How do you approach your fears and doubts?

Improve your communication skills:

Can you express well who you are? What you want?

Approach balanced life:

Do you manage to truly enjoy every area of your life?

Improve overall emotional well-being:

How do you handle challenging days?

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