A personalised program, which includes 6 sessions of Life Coaching & Counseling, with the aim to help you reach your desired Success

The Winning Formula

Life Purpose + Individual Implementation = Shortcut to your Dreams

Step 1 - FREE Exploratory session where we:

  • Explore your reasons for being interested in Life Coaching & Counseling

    We would like to ensure that your reasons and expectations for contacting us match our services


  • Help you to well-define your objectives

    By defining together your objectives during the exploratory session, we already want you to experience our Life Coaching & Counseling method


  • Explain who we are and how we work

    It is very important for our client to see who we are and explain the foundation of our approaches, so we are being transparent from the very first meeting


  • Ensure that we are “compatible” for working together

    We want to make sure that our potential client is in the right hands, and if we see that our expertise does not support completely client’s needs we would make other references

Step 2 - Customised Proposal:

We present our structure proposal of the ISP combining coaching and counseling sessions through our Life Coaching & Counseling methodology.

Step 3 - Shortcut to Your Dreams:

If you agree to proceed this is what we will do in the 6 sessions:


  1. Define your Dreams & Goals - find out your Life Purpose

    Using a specific Counseling technique we will help you to discover your Life Purpose. After discovering your mission we would move on to your dreams, which should resonate with your Life Purpose. Additionally we would define your goals = steps to take towards your dreams!


  2. Create an Action Plan - Life Purpose implementation

    For some people it might be enough to know their goals in order to act upon them, but for others it’s quite challenging to create a day by day plan, which will help them stay focused, enthusiastic and motivated. Our Life Coach will help you implement your Life Purpose in your daily life.


  3. Recognise your Obstacles, Blocks and Fears

    To recognize your Triggers and Stoppers is an essential component on your way to success. We will be there with you to detect, face them and recognise why they are there and how they are being useful.


  4. Learn to overcome #3

    After we acknowledge the obstacles, blocks and fears that hold you back from reaching your dreams, we help you to embrace and deal with the "clouds" that have created a fog and confusion on your way to your Success.


  5. Recognise your Opportunities

    One of the keys to success is the ability to be grateful and appreciative of what you already have. However, it’s not so easy to show gratitude during the “dark times”. With our program we help you to see the opportunities even in your obstacles.


  6. Hand you your individual help guide to your Success

    The guide, which would include your individual winning formula on how to live a successful life. You can carry it for your lifetime and become independent from the constant need of outsourced support!


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