Life Coaching & Counseling

We truly believe that every individual has their own evolutionary journey and we are here to accompany each of you on your inner path with care and integrity. Our support plan is created upon your personal preferences, progress and our professional observations. Using combined competencies of Life Coaching and Holistic Counseling we have developed a unique methodology; Life Coaching & Counseling by Lien and Angelika, to help uncover your Life Purpose and design your individual formula to reach your Happiness and Success!

by Lien and Angelika

Why is our approach so unique?

By combining both Life Coaching and Holistic Counseling approaches we are able to give you a more wholesome approach to reaching your goals.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about taking actions, but most importantly it's about setting right intentions to your actions to make them meaningful!

A good Life Coach is able to see your potential and find the right way to motivate you towards the achievement of your goals.

Where Life Coaching inspires and motivates towards action, Holistic Counseling heals and reassures.

What is Holistic Counseling?

An approach in a professional relationship where the Counselor can help you discover your life purpose and what is keeping you from fulfilling it, by addressing your blocks and fears and learning to deal with the traumatic events that have hurt you.

A good Counselor is passionate about helping others reach their happiness by being compassionate of each person's individual pace of life.

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The Exploratory session is a FREE session where we:

  • Explore your reasons for being interested in Coaching and/or Counseling

    We would like to ensure that your reasons and expectations for contacting us match our services


  • Help you to well-define your objectives

    By defining together your objectives during exploratory session, we already want you to experience Life Coaching and Counseling methods


  • Explain who we are and how we work

    It is very important for our client to see who we are and explain the foundation of our approaches, so we are being transparent from the very first meeting


  • Ensure that we are “compatible” for working together

    We want to make sure that our potential client is in the right hands, and if we see that our expertise does not support completely client’s needs we would make other references

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