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Emerald Offerings

How we work

Emerald offerings are structured to provide an enriching experience, encouraging growth, learning, and transformation.

The formats of our work are as follows:

Personal Individual Sessions with Lien OR Angelika

Engage in one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. These sessions offer a deeply reflective and transformative space. Whether you choose to work with Angelika or Lien, you are assured a journey tailored to your personal goals, designed with the utmost care and empathy.

Individual sessions with Lien

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Individual sessions with Angelika

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Emerald Program with Lien AND Angelika

An exclusive offering that brings together the unique skills and insights of both Lien and Angelika. This program is a comprehensive package designed for those seeking an immersive experience in their personal and professional growth journey. The Emerald Program is a synthesis of methodologies and practices, offering participants a rich, multifaceted approach to self-discovery and empowerment.

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Workshops and Group Works

Discover the power of collective energy through our workshops and group sessions. These gatherings are designed to foster community, shared learning, and mutual growth. Participants will find a supportive and dynamic environment, perfect for exploring new perspectives and acquiring skills in a collaborative setting. Each workshop is a unique experience, crafted to bring out the best in each participant through a blend of interactive activities and reflective practices.

Collaboration with External Specialists

In our pursuit of providing unparalleled service and insights, we occasionally collaborate with esteemed external specialists. These collaborations allow us to offer an even broader spectrum of expertise and experiences, enhancing our programs and sessions with fresh perspectives and specialized knowledge. Participants can look forward to engaging with experts from various fields, ensuring a well-rounded and enriched learning journey.

We invite you to reach your personal and professional excellence through online or offline format of above mentioned services.


Interested in any of our offerings? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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