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Emerald Personal

Embark on an inner journey to empower your highest potential.

At Emerald Counseling we believe that to feel truly empowered, it's vital to open your heart and mind, which will invite new ideas, horizons and opportunities.

Our mission is to guide you in becoming acutely aware of your potential - inspiring you not just to live, but to thrive, with an understanding of who you are at your core and what you need to feel genuinely fulfilled.

Lien Simcic


The Life Coaching & Counseling with Imaginal approach and Soulology method that Lien offers is aimed at accompanying you on your inner journey towards the realization of your potential, aligning you with the profound purpose of your life and learning how to deal with possible obstacles that may block your path.
With deep compassion for each individual's particular journey, she can help you become better aware of yourself and what you really need to feel good, by exploring inner balance, the intricate workings of your inner feminine and inner masculine energies, breaking free from limiting conditionings and improving relationship dynamics.

Lien helps individuals pave their own path to happiness and success, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

Individual Sessions with Lien

How Lien's expertise can contribute to Personal Growth


Uncover your Life Purpose
Liberate yourself from the conditionings that do not allow to be truly happy.
Heal the painful experiences that still affect you and bring sorrow.
Learn to co-create the life that you truly desire.
Realise your potential by rebalancing the inner feminine with inner masculine.
Change sadness and disappointment to happiness and satisfaction.
Show how to turn impossible to possible. 
Rediscover and nurture your inner beauty. 

Life isn't just about the journey but about the depth of our awareness along the way.

Angelika Khon


Extend your perception of beauty with Angelika. She holds the belief that true beauty is a blend of one’s inner and outer work. With her distinctive approach she aims to bring out your elegance, grace, and confidence. Drawing from her life experiences and professional background, she offers a unique experience in 360-degree Life Coaching. She is a strong advocate for personal development, emphasizing the importance of daily improvements and fostering self-trust, which will inevitably lead to a sense of completeness, happiness and enhanced aesthetics.
Individual Sessions with Angelika

How Angelika's expertise can contribute to Personal Growth?


Refine your personal vision, authenticity, values and goals.
Enhance your appearance into a captivating reflection of your beautiful inner essence.
Nurture self-reliance and confidence.
Sharpen your emotional resilience.
Harmoniously navigate through life's transitions with grace, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
Tailor your own style of communication, ensuring your voice is heard and remembered.
Supercharge motivation to propel you towards achieving your dreams.

If you're ready to connect and take the first step towards your best self, we are here to equip you with everything you need to succeed and celebrate your achievements.

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