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Emerald Program

A Gateway to Your Authentic Self

A unique immersive program born from the values of partnership, trust, genuine love and support. Designed to give an individually tailored care to whoever wishes to enrich their lives with more beauty and success.

Our Emerald Program offers a secure and confidential environment, ensuring a professional and personalised experience. Whether you are looking to resolve specific issues or searching for an immersive and empowering voyage to Yourself, we are committed to listening to your needs and addressing them with the utmost care.

What is the Emerald Program?

A one-month immersive collaboration with both Lien and Angelika consisting of:

1. Preparation Session: This initial session is where your needs are carefully understood and mapped out, forming a personalised plan just for you.

2. Full-Day Personalized Workshop: Each moment during the full day of your own personalised workshop is a step towards nurturing your soul, spirit, awakening your biggest potential, and enriching your life.

3. Ongoing Monthly Support: Benefit from continuous support throughout the month via messages and emails from both specialists, ensuring you have the guidance you need at every step.

4. Individual Sessions: Receive three additional individual sessions during the course of the program, offering you dedicated time and focus for deeper exploration and progress.

Why is the Emerald Program an excellent choice?

Angelika and Lien commit their full presence and expertise to you through tailored meditations and deep, introspective techniques, which are selected meticulously to meet your needs. Your personal blocks and challenges are not just addressed but transformed into stepping stones for growth and opportunities.

The Emerald Program is an invitation to pause, reflect, and reconnect with your core essence - the beautiful essence at the heart of your being

Are you eager to understand yourself better and let your inner beauty shine, providing you with strength and support?

Do you feel something is blocking your happiness and preventing you from living the life your heart desires?

Are you searching for elusive answers and could use some help and guidance to gain clarity?

Does your relationship with money make you feel trapped, believing you must choose between wealth and happiness?

Do you maybe seek healing in your relationships with family members, coworkers, friends, or partners?

Or perhaps you would simply enjoy a personalised Soul SPA package, allowing you to pamper yourself with relaxation and joy connected to what you find most beautiful?

If any of the above resonate with you, we invite you to experience the Emerald Program.

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