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Individual Sessions with Angelika Life Coaching

Life coaching uncovers the essence of your being and creates a roadmap for your future. This transformative process begins with three fundamental steps that are pivotal in laying down a solid foundation for personal growth. 

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Below steps are guiding principles designed not only to illuminate the path ahead but also to build a resilient and adaptable framework for personal growth. Even deeper exploration is customized together with a client.

Step 1 :

Detailed Life Assessment

The initial phase of life coaching is a deep and introspective evaluation of your life, encompassing 16 essential components that collectively represent your current reality. This comprehensive assessment demands honesty and openness with yourself, encouraging you to examine every aspect of your point A. Recognizing and accepting your starting point is crucial; it provides a clear baseline from which personal growth can be measured and directed.

Step 2:

Hacking Your Authentic Code

The second step is a quest to discover and understand your true self. It involves an in-depth exploration of your values, vision, talents, and strengths, peeling back the layers to reveal the essence that identifies you. This process is about hacking into your authentic code - your unique beautiful combination. Armed with this self-knowledge, you gain a newfound self-reliance and confidence in making decisions. It enhances your ability to navigate life with a sense of purpose and resourcefulness. Embracing your authenticity not only amplifies your internal beauty but also reflects outwardly, radiating a glow of self-satisfaction, self-realization and wholesomeness.

Step 3:

Define Your Personal and Professional Goals  

Upon gaining a profound understanding of your authentic self and your current life situation, the third step is about setting your direction. This entails establishing goals that are in harmony with your core values and aspirations. It's about crafting an inner compass equipped with clarity, courage and actions to embark on your journey toward self-fulfillment. It ensures that each step you take is a step moving you safely and harmoniously towards your desired future.

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