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Individual Sessions with Lien Life Coaching & Counseling with Imaginal approach and Soulology method

Destination JOY

Let's begin together your inner journey towards the realization of your potential by freeing you from the conditionings that could be blocking you from living the life you truly desire.
Through individual sessions, specifically tailored to your needs and demands, we will embark on an inner journey towards your happiness.
Life is about becoming aware of our potential, learning how to live it, and being aware of who we are and what we need to feel good.

1. Uncover your Life Purpose - what nurtures and animates you to feel alive:

  • Recognizing the workings of one's soul involves an inner journey that can lead you to align with your true Self and the deep purpose of your life.

  • Nurture your soul as it requires and rejoice in feeling animated by rediscovering the Beauty, which gives you Strength and Motivation to live.

2. Liberate yourself from the conditionings that don't allow you to be truly happy:

  • Learn how to turn a NOT POSSIBLE into a POSSIBLE.

  • Learn to recognize and manage your Inner Critic and recalibrate your Mind to work for you and not against you.

  • Change Sadness and Disappointment to Happiness and Satisfaction.

3. Heal the painful experiences that still affect you and bring sorrow:

  • Every painful experience has its own reason that by uncovering it can help you understand why it happened and how to prevent such experiences from repeating in the future.

  • Learn to bring Pleasure and Beauty as an antidote to Suffering and Ugliness.

4. Learn to co-create the life you truly desire:

  • Realize your potential by rebalancing your inner feminine with your inner masculine to then in reflection project an inner balance into an outer balance - in your relationships, in the work environment and in all other aspects of your life.

  • With a conscious Self you will be able to feel emotions, ideas and inspirations and you will be able to see how best to act towards the realization of what makes you happy.

Some of the techniques and approaches used by Lien in her individual sessions and workshops:

Family Constellations:

A strong tool that can be used during individual sessions to help in recognizing and healing family patterns that interfere with your happiness and how you want to be living your life.


Through the stories of the archetypes we can recognize ourselves in our various life events. By becoming aware of their influence on us we can reclaim our power over them instead of remaining victims of their mechanizations.

Storytelling technique:

This particular approach can help you realise the narrative in which you see yourself in relation to a certain event or person and regain the power to change that narrative and align it with the story you want to be living.  

Energy healing:

While taking care of your emotional and mental realities it is important to also bring healing to your energy system in a way to better support your heart's endeavors.

Belief changing technique:

A specific approach designed by Lien to change harming belief systems into supportive and positive affirmations by recalibrating our mental, emotional and energy structure.


Lien’s meditations are specifically designed to bring healing to the soul and reconnect you with your inner truth and soul purpose.

Vision Board creation:

Entails a specific approach in creating vision boards that support your soul purpose and the activation of your soul’s potential.

Money manifestation technique:

A unique approach designed by Lien, to help heal your relationship with money and opening to bigger and more abundant flows of it.

What does it mean with Imaginal approach?

The imaginal represents a universal language (such as music and mathematics with symbols) pre-verbal and pre-conceptual that we have as children when we do not yet understand words but we know images. It is the language with which the surrounding subtle world communicates with us.

What is the Soulology method?


The Soul: is a dimension of the human nature present in every moment of life that can affect its course.
Soulology: is a method that allows anyone to know the qualities and strengths of this aspect of their nature and to be able to use them consciously to live their life to the full, thus overcoming any karmic suspensions (karma being understood as an invitation to karman, to act as in other situations one could not or was not able to do for various reasons). Releasing and overcoming these suspensions is the fundamental objective of this work.
A practice that helps to:
  • expand one's spiritual awareness.

  • dissolve the inner blocks that hinder the path.

  • encourage openness to deeper relationships and professional goals more in line with one's true Self.

Viviana Essenya

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