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Life Coaching & Counseling

with Imaginal approach and Soulology method

With my Life Coaching & Counseling I offer individual sessions aimed at accompanying you on your inner journey towards the realization of your potential, aligning you with the profound purpose of your life and learning how to deal with possible obstacles that may block your path.

With deep compassion for each individual's particular journey, I can help you become better aware of yourself and what you really need to feel good.

What does it mean with Imaginal approach?

The imaginal represents a universal language (such as music and mathematics with symbols) pre-verbal and pre-conceptual that we have as children when we do not yet understand words but we know images. It is the language with which the surrounding subtle world communicates with us.

What is the Soulology method?


The Soul: is a dimension of the human nature present in every moment of life that can affect the course of life.
Soulology: is a method that allows anyone to know the qualities and strengths of this aspect of their nature and to be able to use them consciously to live their life to the full, thus overcoming any karmic suspensions (karma being understood as an invitation to karman, to act as in other situations one could not or was not able to do for various reasons). Releasing and overcoming these suspensions is the fundamental objective of this work.
A practice that helps to:
  • expand one's spiritual awareness.

  • dissolve the inner blocks that hinder the path.

  • encourage openness to deeper relationships and professional goals more in line with one's true Self.

Viviana Essenya
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